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Question: Should I design my own book cover?
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Answer: You might have the perfect cover idea and that’s a fabulous start! The design, layout and file set-up for printing is tricky, though. I, Debbi, often educate other graphic designers. There are specifications required for a full-layout book cover for print (the front, back and spine, barcode, margins, safety margins, bleed areas…), and especially for hardcover books.

Printing companies each have their own specifications. The software we use for cover design is preferred by the printing companies for the best quality of production. Some software does not allow for precise spacing or measurements or image resolution. There are filetypes from software that printing companies simply reject, like PowerPoint and MS Word or Apple Pages.

We welcome and respect your ideas and preferences. Our goal is your satisfaction with a professionally setup, custom designed book cover.  Expert cover designers, like us, specialize in addressing design elements—spacing, direction, movement, color, positioning… But, if they don’t, well are they designers or simply computer operators?

A cover designed by someone experienced in specifically book covers, give your book a great chance of being “discovered” and purchased. We make sure your book files will be correct and accepted by all the major print-on-demand companies like KindleKDP, Ingram Spark, Lightning Source, Diggypod, Lulu, and more. Furthermore, when it comes to ebook covers, we design those as well, whether or not there is a print version.

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Question: Where can I get a photo or illustration for my book cover?

Answer: Some authors and small publishers hire an illustrator, photographer, or artist (which can be found online if they don’t have any names) and then provide that image to us. We can also buy images from several stock art websites which you can browse for just the right image. There are endless choices at those stock photo websites. Should you require an image composite from 2 or more images, we can also provide that service. Just call (651) 206-8926 to find out all the options for your perfect book cover. Check out some stock websites like Dreamstime.com, iStockphoto.com, Shutterstock.com

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The Second Profile by Robert BuuckDebbi, as we wrap up the final steps in the cover design and publishing of my book The Second Profile, I want to be sure and thank you again for your help along the way. Not only did you do a great job in the design of the dust cover for my book, but you also held my hand along the way as I went back and forth with the self publishing company on various edits and then the subsequent printing of the book. Thanks again !!~ Robert Buuck, Author, The Second Profile