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  • Do ebooks sell better than printed books?

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    The short answer is YES ….

    But consider this:

    1. It is true that (as a publisher of over 40 books on Kindle), that ebooks sell more than hard copies.
    2. So why then do I make a hard copy of every book I publish?
    3. Here , then is my methodology:

    First: I publish my ebook at a modest price of $2.99 ( the sweet-spot)

    Second: I publish my hard copy book ( on-demand) with a price of $9.95

    Then What? An interesting thing happens when I do this, when you take a look at one of my books …

    If you look in the top right, you will see that Amazon have shown that the Kindle version represents a 73% saving from the hard copy.

    This is Amazons way of helping you sell more Kindle books. Interesting thing is though, I still sell a few paperback copies also! I think some people may still like to get the book in their hands or perhaps they are sales to libraries who need a paper version.

    Hope This Helps!