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Interior Book Design and Layout for Publishing

Should you layout your own book or “do it yourself” (DIY)?

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Answer: Probably NOT… MS Word is not a book layout software, and is likely to convey “amateur” to your readers.  Book set-up for printing can be challenging with any of the following:

  • page numbering
  • running headers and footers
  • Table of Contents generation
  • adding front and back matter without undesirable repagination
  • precise spacing and positioning of elements
  • proper spacing and alignment of block quotes
  • setting inner and outer margins correctly for the page count
  • understanding right and left hand pages, spreads or blank pages
  • a word index with page numbers
  • footnotes or endnotes
  • preparing the right size and resolution images
  • any elements needing special handling

If you still want to “Do It Yourself”, you can review these instructions: https://diybookformats.com/mswordtemplates/

There are many benefits of hiring a professional company like MyBookDesigner:

  1. It saves you time and spares you the increasing frustration of the technology.
  2. It minimizes errors: text and formatting errors, or errors detected when uploading files for print.
  3. It eliminates the possibility that your book appears “amateur” to your target readers.
  4. It gives your reader a “Great Read” by bringing expected conventions to the reading experience, keeping the read smooth and comfortable.
  5. It gives you the freedom to do what you do best—write, edit, and perfect your manuscript, plus grow your readership.

Call Debbi at MyBookDesigner (651-206-8926). This way you will work with a professional book formatter rather than painstakingly “reinvent the wheel”.

If you still want to DIY for print-on-demand, here are instructions from KindleKDP (Amazon): Formatting requirements.

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Question: Why choose MyBookDesigner to format your book?  

Answer: Debbi (our graphic designer/publishing consultant) can give you references of satisfied authors and publishing companies with whom she has worked.
Debbi’s other qualifications and services:

  • 18 years of book design experience;
  • provides samples;
  • custom builds your book—does not use templates;
  • cleans up your Word doc manuscript in order to make the styles and readability consistent and smooth to your readers;
  • includes free consulting for self-publishers, inde-publishers, and small publishing companies;
  • uploads the properly prepared book files for you, if you need help;
  • answers your phone calls and responds to emails in a timely fashion;
  • builds great working relationships with all her authors and publishing companies.

All the books are custom-designed, not from a template.  Non-Fiction-Formatting-Sample.

See our Client Testimonials.

Q: What services are included in your contract?

A: Here is a PDF listing the service inclusions, and “additional” services. For additional services beyond the contract inclusions, we bill at our hourly rate ($50 or $40 for non-profits). Request a sample design contract.

Visit our FAQs page for more information.

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The Hidden Life of Jesus by Deacon Norman AlexanderDebbi, I would like to thank you for the awesome work you did on my book, The Hidden Life of Jesus. I received the first copies and I must say, the book looks great. I am truly satisfied, and would like to employ your services in the near future for a Spanish version of this book, and also for my next book. I also appreciate the kind and courteous manner of your professionalism. I did not understand the process, but you were willing to take time out to help me understand some of the necessary details. Thank you, I have already begun recommending your book design and editing services to friends and colleagues. God bless you.
~ Deacon Norman Alexander, The Hidden Life of Jesus