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Sample Book InteriorQ: Should I format my own book?

A: Caution… MS Word is not a book layout program and is likely to convey to your reader, “Amateur”.  Interior book design or formatting non-fiction manuscripts for print can be challenging, with running headers and footers; table of contents; page numbering; precise spacing and positioning of elements; block quotes; an index; footnotes or other such book conventions which require special handling. If you want to format your book yourself see these helpful instructions:

The benefits to hiring a professional are many. Here are a few:

  1. To minimize mistakes
  2. To eliminate the chance that your book appears to be “amateur”
  3. To give the reader a great experience by bringing expected conventions to the reading experience
  4. To preserve your sanity and give you the freedom to do what you do best, and not get entangled with the technology.

Furthermore working with a great team will ultimately give you credibility and a reputation as a professional author or publisher. The reader benefits also, from a “great read” which they are eager to find.

So, ask yourself whether you want to spend your time in formatting your manuscript to save a few dollars, or let go of that and trust a professional. Take a look at formatting requirements of a book printing company (pdf).

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Q: How do I choose an  interior designer to format my book?  

A: It’s not easy to find people for the interior book design of books. These are graphic designers that know all the rules of bookmaking, as well as have skills in typography. The best way to find someone is from a referral and/or after speaking with them and viewing samples. A great designer will “clean up” your  manuscript text at no extra charge to minimize errors in formatting. Other designers might send it back to you with instructions on what to “clean up” yourself. If in the terms and agreement, you notice that you have to pay additional for every “author requested” text edit (per line), then keep looking for someone else. Read the fine print before signing a contract. We at go the extra mile to build a relationship, not just a book. Notice the client testimonials at the bottom of our website pages. Ask your potential designer for samples. Sample (interior formatting): Non-Fiction-Formatting-Sample
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Q: What services are included in your contract?

A: Here is a PDF listing the inclusions, and what might be considered “additional” services. Our hourly rate is $50 ($40 for non-profits) for additional services which are not included in your design contract.

Visit our FAQs page for more information.

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The Hidden Life of Jesus by Deacon Norman AlexanderDebbi, I would like to thank you for the awesome work you did on my book, The Hidden Life of Jesus. I received the first copies and I must say, the book looks great. I am truly satisfied, and would like to employ your services in the near future for a Spanish version of this book, and also for my next book. I also appreciate the kind and courteous manner of your professionalism. I did not understand the process, but you were willing to take time out to help me understand some of the necessary details. Thank you, I have already begun recommending your book design and editing services to friends and colleagues. God bless you.
~ Deacon Norman Alexander, The Hidden Life of Jesus