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Serving Independent Publishers and Authors with formatting and cover design for print and for ebooks.

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You may need other services in addition to book formatting for print, ebook conversions and book cover design. You might ask:

Uploading Book Files | Manuscript Clean Up | Editing/Proofreading | Composite Images | Marketing Materials

Q: Do you upload the final book files for print or ebook?

A: Yes, this is usually an additional service. Many independent publishers/authors prefer to upload the completed files themselves. If you require assistance we will set a phone conference with you, and together complete the forms required as well as upload your book files. This service is charged per hour.

Q: I struggle with Word. Can you clean up my manuscript?

A: Many independent authors struggle with all the writing tools in Microsoft Word such as:

  • First line indents
  • Creating spacing between sections
  • Page numbering
  • Running headers
  • Setting up page sizes and margins
  • Creating Table of Contents
  • Knowing what to include in a copyright page

We take care of most of the clean up for you at no charge. Otherwise we will discuss the options.

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Q: Can you edit or proofread my manuscript?

A: Your manuscript must be well-written, free of errors and have consistent styles for headings, before the graphic design formatting or ebook conversion begins. We will read the first chapter, and if it’s apparent that the manuscript needs some finishing work, we will notify you. You will then have the choice of enlisting our services or retaining your manuscript until it’s final and ready for formatting. Any corrections after formatting begins can result in additional fees.

Q: Can you make a composite for my cover from several images?

A: Yes. You will provide images (which you have permission to use) in a high resolution jpg format. The fee for composite work is based on our regular hourly fee.

Q: Can you design marketing materials?

A: Yes, we are graphic designers proficient in the design or print and digital graphics.

For other questions please visit our FAQs page.

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