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  • What About ISBNs

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    From:  MyIdentifiers.com, where you, as a self- or independent publisher will purchase the ISBNs for your books.


    Publication Formats, Reprints, Editions, etc.

    • What’s the difference between a reprint and a new edition?
    • If a second edition has the same title as the first, does it keep the same ISBN?
    • How are ISBNs assigned to multi-volume works?
    • How are ISBNs assigned to books in a series?
    • Can ISBNs be assigned to loose-leaf volumes?
    • How are ISBNs assigned to packages?
    • Can ISBNs be assigned to magazines?

    International Issues

    • If a publisher is selling their books in another country, does the publisher have to get an ISBN for that country?
    • If an ISBN is assigned in another country, does a US ISBN have to be gotten to sell the book in the US?
    • Can a US fulfillment house assign an ISBN to a book with an ISBN assigned by another ISBN Agency in another country?

    How Changes Affect the ISBN

    • If the price of the book changes, does the ISBN?
    • If changing the cover of a book, does a new ISBN have to be assigned?
    • If typos are being corrected, is a new ISBN necessary?

    Ownership and Re-usage Rights

    • Can an ISBN be reused?
    • If one company buys another, can the buyer use the ISBNs or do they have to get new ISBNs?
    • I got my ISBN from my printer and now I want to make sure it’s in my name, how do I transfer the ISBN?
    • If more than one publisher or self-publisher is publishing a book, whose ISBN goes on the book?
    • What can be done when a book is printed with the wrong ISBN?
    • Can I use one of my friend’s (or relative’s) ISBNs?
    • If a spouse or family member passes away, can a relative or surviving spouse use the remaining ISBNs?
    • If an author gets the publishing rights back, does the original publisher’s ISBN remain?
    • Can a publisher keep the same prefix when ordering additional ISBNs?
    • If I’m using a print-on-demand company (POD), whose ISBN goes on my book?
    • Can ISBNs be assigned according to access rights?

    Read more… https://www.myidentifiers.com/help/isbn#a3

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