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  • What’s this I Hear about Createspace Closing?

    Createspace logo It’s nothing to get too anxious about, unless you have used Createspace for the set-up, graphic design of your book layout. If you have you should probably contact them real soon and ask how to get the set-up files. Otherwise, if you have books in your account for print and distribution to Amazon, these will eventually be migrated to KindleKDP upon your acceptance and approval. Watch for email messages from Createspace regarding your account. If you have Gmail, be sure to check the email folder for “Promotions”, as well as your spam folder. Createspace also puts messages on your account which you can access by logging into your account.

    As far a printing with KindleKDP, I haven’t heard anything about the quality. My understanding is that they will use the same printers as Createspace. As far as distribution to bookstores other than Amazon, there isn’t a distribution program that I know of. Now, these things may be evolving as I write this, but seriously, don’t worry if you’ve been using Createspace for printing your paperbacks and making them available on Amazon. It’ll be great to have your books (paperback and ebook version) all in one account for a change.

    If you are still concerned and haven’t tried Ingram Spark yet, I have a feeling this closing of Createspace will give them much more business. Ingram Spark has its benefits, but if you are in any hurry just know they are slow getting your book on Amazon. You can use KindleKDP to get it up quickly, as well as get it into Ingram Spark because they will at least distribute your book to other bookstores besides Amazon. Check out the options. I’ll be checking them out too.

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