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  • How Do I Calculate the Page Count for My Published Book?

    page countA couple simple formulas to estimate the page count of your soon to be published book—

    1. For a 5.5″ x 8.5″ book:

    Manuscript word count divided by 390 = the page count of the finished book

    Example: 85,000 words divided by 390 = 218 pages

    1. For a 6″ x 9″ book:

    Manuscript word count divided by 475 = the page count of the finished book

    Example: 85,000 divided by 475 = 179 pages

    These 2 formulas were based on formatting the book with standard formatting:

    • a standard typeface for book publishing (like, Garamond)
    • a standard type size (11 pt)
    • standard margins
    • standard spacing (first line indents with no extra spacing between paragraphs)

    Add in additional pages for:

    1. Front and back matter: Title page, copyright page, table of contents, appendix, index, About the author, and any other pages that will be part of your book.
    2. Chapter starting pages: Add a half page for each since they usually start a distance from the top of the page.
    3. Parts pages: Add 2 pages for any part separator pages that will be on the left facing page with a blank page following (when the page is turned).
    4. Pictures or graphics: Add a page for each full page graphic; half a page for half page graphics, 1/3 page for a smaller graphic, etc.
    5. A blank last page if required by the printing company.

    Note: This is an estimate. The actual page count can vary due to font size, font style, styling of first pages of the chapter, line spacing, margins, etc. Do not hold your graphic designer to this estimate as it will no doubt take more of their time (and your money) to meet such a strict specification., Debbi Stocco (designer)

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