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  • Why NOT use Ingram Spark to sell your paperback book on Amazon?

    Posted on February 7, 2022 by in blog

    Blog post from self-pub.net [updated: replaced “Createspace” with “KindleKDP”] IngramSpark offers a better wholesale discount option for their distribution than KindleKDP. With KindleKDP, you can choose their Standard Distribution which lists your book at Amazon only for a 40% wholesale discount, or their Expanded Distribution, which gets it in other online retailers in addition to […]

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    Do ebooks sell better than printed books?

    Posted on February 1, 2022 by in blog

    From Quora – https://www.quora.com/Do-ebooks-sell-better-than-hard-copies Rob Hillman, Teaching Simple but Profitable Internet Business Strategies· Upvoted by John Chapman, 10 years experience of independent book publishing The short answer is YES …. But consider this: It is true that (as a publisher of over 40 books on Kindle), that ebooks sell more than hard copies. So why then do I make […]

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    Book Interior Templates

    Posted on September 13, 2019 by in blog

    Do you want to do-it-yourself—the formatting, styling, and set-up of your book interior for print-on-demand and an ebook? You can buy templates, but you wonder, “Is there a learning curve”? The answer is most certainly, YES. Get the “Faqs” on using a pre-designed template: https://www.bookdesigntemplates.com/faq/ Note: If working with templates is not your thing feel […]

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