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Praise for MyBookDesigner.com – client testimonials from independent publishers and authors:

Debbi, I would like to thank you for the awesome work you did on my book, “The Hidden Life of Jesus”. I received the first copies and I must say, the book looks great. I am truly satisfied, and would like to employ your services in the near future for a Spanish version of this book, and also for my next book. I also appreciate the kind and courteous manner of your professionalism. I did not understand the process, but you were willing to take time out to help me understand some of the necessary details. Thank you, I have already begun recommending your book design and editing services to friends and colleagues. God bless you. ~ Deacon Norman Alexander, Author, The Hidden Life of Jesus

Many thanks for your painstaking work, your nice and creative vision on the cover, and your patience with my inexperience in this endeavor. Next time I’ll better know what I’m doing. ~ William Hermann, Author, Check Them Out! Background Checks, Step by Step

Thank you Debbi, I had a great experience with you and would gladly do business again. ~Dan Gheesling, Author, Clean Your Own Mirror

Beautiful.  THANKS so MUCH! ~ David Grindberg, Author, Rapture of the Deep

From the initial phone conversation to the completed formatting of my book -“People Are Never The Problem”, you provided me world class service.  Your professionalism extended beyond our contract – from consultancy on choosing the best printing company, to adding promotional logos of my other publications at the end of my book, you made my project one I can be proud to present to the world. Thanks. ~Dr. Robert Watts, Author, People Are Never the Problem

Debbi, Just received the printed book proof from CreateSpace, and it’s just beautiful! Fantastic job. ~Steve Harris, Author, The 99% Manifesto

The formatting looks great! Thank you! ~ Jeannine Gambles, It’s BOLD Publishing, Living Life Like It’s Golden by D. L. Jordan

So glad I took the chance..! Not knowing where to turn for my book formatting I chose a company off the internet. What a pleasant surprise to have been led to Stocco Book Design Company. Debbi Stocco is friendly, easy to work with, and delivers exactly what you’d expect. And, the finished book looks beautiful. Debbi was very helpful during the process and we will be using her services for all our other works. Thank you Debbi! ~ Karen Brown, Strength & Wisdom Ministries, www.strengthandwisdomministries.com, 31 Pillars of Honor by Dr. Mike

Debbi, as we wrap up the final steps in the cover design and publishing of my book The Second Profile, I want to be sure and thank you again for your help along the way. Not only did you do a great job in the design of the dust cover for my book, but you also held my hand along the way as I went back and forth with the self publishing company on various edits and then the subsequent printing of the book. Thanks again !! ~ Robert Buuck, Author, The Second Profile

What a kick to proofread Civil War Memorial Quilts on my Nook. Debbi  did a wonderful job of formatting it, designing the cover and helping me all the technical stuff to get my eBook uploaded and available. I hope it will be on everyone’s Kindle and Nook in a week or two.  ~ Maria Tavy Umhey, Author and Quilter, Civil War Quilts and the Words that Inspired Them

Debbi, I would like to offer a recommendation to any author considering you for book services. It is a pleasure to provide a written recommendation, and I rarely find situations where one is merited. I found you to be an excellent listener, thoughtful in your comments, detail-oriented, and adept in your work. You made the entire process easier, more enjoyable, and positive. Your work met my standards, and I consider those to be considerably higher than the norm. Any author would find the experience similar to mine, and I am grateful for your work and will consider you a trusted colleague for years to come. Thank you! ~ Rick Zarkos, Author, Building Construction Excellence: Construction Business Success

Debbi, Just wanted to let you know how pleased Victoria and I were with the Epub formatting you did for us. It was a great experience and I am sure you get a lot of business as your service was great! ~ Mark Varley, Cloud People and Other Scary Stories for Children by Victoria Varley

Hi Debbi, Ellen and I loved working with you on our book. You were full of creative ideas, and always willing to try our ideas. I remember how often we worked to find the color of pink that would be the best, and you were always helpful and prompt in giving us what we asked for and more. Our relationship was always cordial and we ended up with a great design. I just love it… and so do our readers. The cover design really conveyed our message. That was an extra bonus. Hope to work with you again, soon. ~ Mary Gergen, Editor, Retiring but not Shy

I received my books today and they really look great. What can I say…First and foremost I really enjoyed working with you. Your work was excellent, you worked fast, your input was invaluable and your prices were very competitive. I look forward to working with you on future projects. ~ Michael Shenker, Author and Consultant, EMPOWERMENT: Creating Lives, Families and Organizations That ROCK!

Debbi brought the book to life. The material was good to begin with (in my opinion, of course), but Debbi is so skilled at design that what was solid became lovely. The cover, the layout, the order, the look and feel, and even copy-editing–she did it all. I can’t say enough about her flexibility, her skills, her great eye for detail and beauty, her timeliness… I hope I have the chance to work with Debbi again. ~ Ellen Cole, PhD, Past-President, The Society for the Psychology of Women, Division 35 of the American Psychological Association, Editor of Retiring but not Shy: Feminist Psychologists Create Their Post-Career

Hi Debbi, thanks for all your help! I think we are about ready to go, on the website launch. Please put this book up as soon as you can – The Appreciative Inquiry book. How many books can we put on that page? Thanks, Debbi ….perfect! ~David Cooperrider, PhD, davidcooperrider.com

Hi Debbi. It’s perfect. Wow. You really are the best! This is absolutely perfect! Let me know when the cover is done. We need to talk about my other design needs…you’re so fabulous! ~ Carla Hudson, Author, A Deal with the Devil by Abby Matisse

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