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eBook Design and Conversion

Question: Can I upload my Word doc manuscript or a pdf to KindleKDP to get my ebook up and selling on Amazon?

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Answer: Not advisable; it’s risky. “Mass conversion” programs (“meat-grinders”) often “misinterpret” the intended formatting of a book.  Here’s one of the thousands of book reviews you don’t want, sitting by your book on Amazon, forever:

“I couldn’t even read this Kindle book because the formatting was so messed up! There was no separation between chapters, the headings were blended into the text, the text flow was unpredictable and the links didn’t work. It was impossible to read; very weird. How does this happen? So, unprofessional. I have requested my money back.”

We don’t use “meat grinder” software. We will custom style your book text for a beautiful, expected  display on a Kindle, iPad, or another ebook device. We know how to test and edit the backend HTML and CSS code which is necessary to “fix” display issues that would be disturbing to your readers.

If anyone tells you to just upload your pdf or Word doc, yikes, beware. We prepare first, then convert, and finally test the result because we know what your readers want and expect from you, a published author.

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Question: How much will it cost to prepare and convert my manuscript into an ebook?

Answer: We need the Word doc, not a pdf. Then, we calculates the fee from the word count and complexity of your Word doc. If you’d like a quote please fill out the form on the contact page. In the comments field you can  describe your book: fiction or non-fiction; the word count; the number of photos or illustrations; the number of charts or graphs; if it has footnotes; if it has any complex formatting or styling, etc. You can also attach your Word doc manuscript for Debbi to give you an instant quote. A short novel or memoir (around 50,000 words with you providing the cover image) would be $350. We do cover design also. Just let us know what book services you need when you inquire from our contact page.

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eBook - Civil War Quilts by Maria Tavy UmheyWhat a kick to proofread “Civil War Memorial Quilts” on my Nook. Debbi Stocco did a wonderful job of formatting it, designing the cover and helping me all the technical stuff to get my eBook uploaded and available. I hope it will be on everyone’s Kindle and Nook in a week or two.- Maria Tavy Umhey, Author and Quilter, Civil War Quilts and the Words that Inspired Them