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Independent Publishing FAQs

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Interior Book Design: You might ask…

Fiction sample layout

Question: For independent publishing how much does MyBookDesigner.com charge for interior formatting?

Answer: Book formatting and design fees are all over the board in independent publishing. Our going rates can be between $250 for the interior design of a lightly formatted book and $1500 for greater complexity like a dissertation or reference book. Our quotes depend on word count, fiction or non-fiction, complexity like footnotes or indexes, sidebars or heavy graphics, or complexity.

Sample price: for a 50,000 word manuscript (100% text, like fiction) with no graphics, set up for paperback printing is $350. Add an ebook and cover design to that for $200. Get a more accurate quote for your type and length of manuscript, today.  Get a quote…

interior book layout sample for workbook

Question: How do I get my book selling on Amazon?

Answer: MyBookDesigner offers free consulting to indie-publishers when contracting with us for interior book formatting or cover design services.  We will advise you about print-on-demand and how to get your book online for sale. We prepare print-ready files to submit to popular print-on-demand companies like KindleKDP, Lightning Source, Ingram Spark, Lulu.com or your choice of printer. We are not your marketing company, but do have suggestions for you, all which you can find online for self-publishers.

sample of fiction book layout

Question: Is it better to get my manuscript formatted for print or an eBook? Or which one first?

Answer: MyBookDesigner has services for both print formatting and ebook conversion. Everyone knows that the eBook market is growing, but rest assured that 70% of the readers still read books in print. Our opinion is that for credibility as an author, you go to print, and better yet, offer both formats. It is a common opinion that if a book is in print then the author is a “real writer”. We can begin formatting either version first. Our pricing offers up to a 20% discount when purchasing both services simultaneouslyRead more about eBook formatting or conversions.

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Cover Design: You might ask…

Sample book covers

Question: How do you design my book cover? What’s the process? 

Answer: We will have a phone interview to discuss your book. You can provide a synopsis as well. You might have an image in mind. We direct you to websites to look over photos or illustrations which can be purchased at a nominal price. You may find 2 or 3 images you’d like combined which we can do for you. We prepare and email a pdf sample layout, discuss it with you and make 1 or 2 revisions before we have the final.  All covers are custom designed; we never use templates.

Question: Do you use the same cover for an eBook version?

Answer: Typically, yes, the front cover is the same, and saved in the correct format for ebooks. There is no back cover on an ebook.

Question: What is the cost of book cover design?

Answer: Depending on who you go with, you can expect to spend $50 –$3500, maybe more. What you spend on your cover has a lot to do with your business plan. We at MyBookDesigner.com offer several cover design packages, all include design of the full layout (front, back, spine and barcode) and per the printer specifications. All packages are custom designs, using no templates. You can choose to start with 1 or more concepts, and a couple revisions. Our basic plan starts at $150Get a quote for your print and/or ebook cover design…

 eBook Conversion: You might ask…Sample of eBook design

Question: Is there a difference between an eBook with reflowable text and an eBook pdf?

Answer: Yes. The setup and formatting begin the same, but are ultimately a different filetype and display as needed.  The fee to format each is about the same.

An eBook prepared for reading devices has reflowable text which allows for the person reading to change the font size. There’s code created to define how the manuscript looks and flows on the “page” of a device like Kindle or Nook. The ebook file type is known as an epub. This type of file can have links to other pages, linking Table of Contents and hyperlinks to actual websites.

A pdf eBook is for reading on a device screen or monitor, with links, bookmarks and hyperlinks. This type of eBook is often a manual or an article, but can even be a book. The pdf can be read on a digital reading device (eg. Kindle device) but it is not reflowable text. In other words, the text remains static, each page is like a picture.  It can be difficult reading a pdf ebook on a small screened device because it requires zooming, spanning and scrolling to read a page. You need to figure out which is more conducive to your goal.

Question: What is the fee for an eBook and cover design for KindleKDP?

Answer: We don’t have a price list since every book is different in length and complexity. We charge a basic set up fee for the interior formatting (between $150-$300 depending on complexity) and a per word fee. Cover design for eBooks starts at $50. So the minimum for a full epub file for your ebook (including the cover)  is $200. (It’s less for the ebook if your design contract includes the printed version). Contact for a quote… 651-206-8926

Question: Do you prepare and upload the files to my choice of eBook seller?

Answer: Yes. Debbi, at MyBookDesigner can upload the files for you. Many of our authors and publishers would rather do it themselves. We provide instructions to help you, but if you prefer to have us do it, we can, and we can even do it together via phone call or video conference.

Other Book Publishing Services: You might ask…

Question: If I ship the book orders myself, I’d like to include a bookmark or postcard with the book. Is this something MyBookDesigner can design for me?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. We are graphic designers. We’ll design and can also order your printed marketing materials to be shipped to you for your inclusion with your many book orders.

Question: How much does MyBookDesigner charge for proofreading and graphic design services?

Answer: Proofreading your manuscript or your print-ready book files, and other graphic design services, are billed by time. With other companies you can expect to pay between $35 and $150 per hour. Our regular hourly rate is $40/hr. We do not charge for phone time. 

Copyright: You might ask…

Question: Does MyBookDesigner own any part or assume any royalties from my book sales?

Answer: No. We are not your publisher. We are the designers. Any royalties on selling your book are yours (and Amazon’s if you are selling on Amazon). When we complete our services— designing, possibly proofreading, preparing your book files for print and eBook—you make your final payment per your contract with us, and no more.

Question: Do I own and control the copyright of my book?

Answer: Yes. Completely. Some independent publishing companies have another arrangement, but MyBookDesigner has no ownership of your copyrighted book and takes no royalties.

Question: Do I need an ISBN for my eBook?

Answer: Yes, and no. An ISBN is required for the Apple iBookstore, but is NOT required for Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  To purchase one or more ISBNs ($125+) under your name, go to http://www.myidentifiers.com.

Marketing: You might ask…

Question: Will MyBookDesigner.com market my book?

Answer: No. We are not a book marketing company, nor a distribution company. Independent publishing most often means “independent marketing”. It will be up to you to market your book, but we can offer you suggestions.  Some authors hire a marketing firm for such things as promotions, book signings, listing their books on “New” books directories, as well as optimizing their websites for discovery on search engines. *Note that some companies offer some FREE services such as ebook conversions … but, be sure to ask them how they make their money. Nothing is free. Check our Blog page

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Other Questions? You might ask…

Question: Do you offer editing and proofreading services?

Answer: Yes and no. Most manuscripts we receive have already been professionally edited and thoroughly proofed, so we assume the manuscript you send to us is the FINAL text for formatting.  If you need additional proofreading services, do let us know.  We’ll be glad to be of service with:

  • grammar editing
  • rephrasing for readability
  • manuscript proofreading for things like typos
  • thorough proofreading of the pdf print-ready files

Question: I have a lot of questions. Do you charge for coaching me (in the independent publishing world)?

Answer: No, there is NO charge for coaching when you sign a design contract with .com for book design, ebook conversion or editing services. If you need us as a resource for information you can also check out our blog page for more independent publishing information. For coaching only, there is a fee based on the regular hourly rate. Feel free to Debbi during normal business hours. 651-206-8926

Testimonial: Debbi, I just wanted to let you know how pleased Victoria and I were with the Epub formatting you did for us. It was a great experience and I am sure you get a lot of business as your service was great!
– Mark Varley, Cloud People and Other Scary Stories for Children by Victoria Varley

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