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  • What’s the Best Way to Promote My eBooks?

    Q: What’s the best way to get my ebooks noticed?

    Answer: Josh R. Singh – Marketing Professional

    . For Kindle, I think the best way to promote an ebook is to enroll it in KDP Select and give it away for a few days. You’ll have to find websites that will list your ebook as free during the days that it’s free. The basic idea is that by giving it away as free it will skyrocket in the Amazon free rankings (listed right next to the paid rankings), giving you sales when it comes off promotion. Also, the surge of downloads you’ll get during the free period will rank you highly for whatever search terms pull up your book on the Amazon bookstore.
    You’ll have to search the internet to find sites that let you promote your book when it’s free on KDP select. I’ve also created a list of the 85 best websites that will promote your Kindle book, and it’s a free offer to join my mailing list, where I keep my subscribers updated on the latest in ebook publishing and marketing. You can find that here, if you’re so inclined:

    Answer:  Toni Ressaire – Book Publisher; Technical Communications Consultant

    . I’ve used the same strategy as suggested by Josh in the past. Here’s the catch: You have to give Amazon’s KDP a 9o-day exclusive. This is certainly an “easy” way to promote your book. And while’s it’s true Amazon is a powerhouse for ebooks, there are many other distribution channels out there.
    You can spend a lot of money to promote your ebook, or you can do most of it for free. The best advice I can give is to connect with potential readers online. Social media is very powerful for the ebook. One word of caution: promote appropriately. Don’t spam sites by shamelessly promoting your ebook. Join conversations, like this one. Join groups. Contribute something valuable. And when you have an appropriate opportunity, go ahead and promote.
    Obvious social media options you can use: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumbler, GoodReads, LinkedIn. But also find online groups related to your genre. Find online book clubs and join the discussions. Lots of bloggers are doing book reviews. Kindly ask for your book to be considered for review.
    Speaking of reviews…encourage your readers to write reviews. Reviews are one of the strongest promotion tools. I always check reviews before buying from an unknown author. Don’t you?

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